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About Us

Origin and Mission of The Brooklyn Brigade

The Brooklyn Brigade is a collection of LOUD, PROUD, and PASSIONATE fans of the Brooklyn Nets who have come together to form an independent supporters club for our favorite NBA team. 

We amplify the Nets’ home crowd advantage and contribute to a positive and supportive environment for our players by cheering, chanting, and getting the crowd going all game long ... while having a great time along the way!

The Brooklyn Brigade welcomes all Nets fans of good will, positive spirit, and loud voice. We are a diverse group and we value our diversity. 

Some of us are long-time die-hards from the New Jersey days & earlier. Others are more recent fans who adopted the Nets as their own when the team moved to Brooklyn.

What unites us is our unwavering and uncompromising support for the Brooklyn Nets through thick or thin.

Does the idea of cheering on the Nets ALL GAME LONG appeal to you?

Come join us in Section 114 and LET’S GET LOUD together!

The Brooklyn Brigade was founded in November 2012 after a proud Brooklyn native and brand-new Nets fan -- inspired by the Loud & Proud section of Prudential Center -- sought to re-create that passion and energy at Barclays Center by giving away 20 tickets to an upcoming Nets game to then-strangers via  What was originally intended to be a one-time experiment very quickly snowballed and — due to the invaluable contributions of energy, passion, and Nets pride from scores of Nets faithful — has evolved into the still-expanding group of fun-loving, hoarse-voiced, and Nets-obsessed men and women who fill the ranks of today's Brooklyn Brigade.